BlackHawk Energy Corporation, a Jicarilla Apache Company, Joins Western States and Tribal Nations

Denver, CO – The Western States and Tribal Nations Natural Gas Initiative (WSTN), a collaborative effort between multiple stakeholders to develop markets for natural gas resources from the western U.S. states and tribal lands, today announced that BlackHawk Energy Corporation, an energy company wholly owned by the Jicarilla Apache Nation, has joined the organization.

BlackHawk CEO Mike Davis will represent BlackHawk Energy on WSTN’s Board of Directors. Each of the governments that signed WSTN’s organizing Memorandum of Understanding are entitled to appoint Board Members, and BlackHawk Energy, as a wholly owned Section 17 Federal Corporation of the sovereign Jicarilla Apache Nation established under a federal charter, is entitled to the same privilege.

“We are excited to have BlackHawk Energy join our effort to create rural and tribal economic development by building a sustainable future for Rockies basin natural gas exports,” WSTN President Andrew Browning said. “Their expertise in responsibly developing the natural resources on the Jicarilla Apache Nation for the benefit of the Nation’s people and preservation of their culture will be a tremendous asset to our work and our vision.”

The Jicarilla Apache Nation founded Jicarilla Apache Energy Corporation, now doing business as BlackHawk Energy Corporation, in 1996 under a federal charter specifically designed to establish the Section 17 Federal Corporation to generate jobs for its people, enhance income on behalf of the tribe and create long-term self-sufficiency that enables the Jicarilla Apache Tribe “to preserve and protect the culture and values of the sovereign Nation.”

The Jicarilla Apache Nation includes more than 1 million acres located in the northern San Juan Basin in northwestern New Mexico. There are currently more than 2,000 active wells on the Nation’s lands, including over 200 wells operated by BlackHawk Energy on behalf of its shareholder, the Jicarilla Apache Nation. BlackHawk continues to represent the Nation by pursuing new drilling and development opportunities on the tribal lands.

“Western States and Tribal Nation’s mission and vision closely align with the work we do at BlackHawk Energy through our operations conducted on behalf of our shareholder, the Jicarilla Apache Nation,” said Davis, who has more than four decades of energy experience. “We are looking forward to helping chart a sustainable course for Rockies and San Juan Basin natural gas that can help the global environment and the people of the Jicarilla Apache Nation simultaneously.”

BlackHawk Energy is the second tribally affiliated organization on the WSTN Board, which includes the Ute Indian Tribe, the states of New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming and Baja California, Mexico, as well as the western Colorado counties of Garfield, Mesa, Moffat and Rio Blanco.


About Western States and Tribal Nations

Western States and Tribal Nations is a unique, trans-national initiative led by, state, county and sovereign tribal nation governments focused on creating rural economic development, advancing tribal self-determination and reducing global emissions by exporting western North American natural gas to international markets that need lower-emitting fuels.


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