Jordan Cove is Essential - WSTN Letter to the Editor

Updated: May 23, 2020

WSTN's Andrew Browning lays out the big picture about the Jordan Cove LNG project in a letter to the editor published in the Medford Mail-Tribune:

The Jordan Cove project isn’t just about Oregon or the Canadian company building it. It’s about states like Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and New Mexico and Ute Sovereign Tribal Nation, who need to get their stranded natural gas to market. Energy independence is essential to our national security.

Jordan Cove’s planned pipeline connects at Malin because of its access to pipelines that serve western states. So the idea that Jordan Cove will not benefit the U.S. during its decades of planned service is absurd.

Further, if Jordan Cove is built, it means Asian nations now burning high-emission fuels can shift to cleaner natural gas, produced under the world’s most stringent environmental standards. So looking solely at the environmental impacts in Oregon, which FERC determined can be mitigated, is missing the big picture — exporting our environmental leadership. After all, there is only one global environment and emissions know no boundaries.

Finally, it’s incorrect to say FERC Commissioner Bernard McNamee voted against the project because of objections from the state of Oregon. His public statement of Feb. 20 makes clear he wanted more time to review DLCD’s voluminous filing, delivered the night before FERC’s meeting.

Andrew Browning, CEO, Western States and Tribal Nations Natural Gas Initiative

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