North American LNG: An Opportunity to Help Europeans Solve Their Energy and Climate Challenges

Unfortunately, some European governments are trying to punish natural gas as part of an aim to promote a low-carbon energy future, and have attacked U.S. gas for perceived deficits in emissions reduction. Since natural gas has already helped to lower carbon emissions in many places globally by replacing coal and diversifying energy sources, North American LNG can help Europeans solve their energy and climate challenges. The key is found in company- and government-led efforts to tighten up methane emissions that further cement North American LNG as the cleanest, most responsibly produced LNG in the world, an approach for which Western States and Tribal Nations is advocating.

Read more from Foreign Policy about how exporting North American LNG could solve this problem – as opposed to relying on natural gas from Russia and the Middle East – countries that don’t have the same stringent environmental safeguards and regulations as us.

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